Citizen's application with currently 557 valid signatories

Interim result: citizen’s application with currently 557 valid signatories

The citizens’ application for the planning of the RegioTram Mittelhessen, initiated by the Gießen traffic change initiatives on Gieß , now has 331 supports. However, the collection of votes ran not only on the platform newly set up by the city of Gießen, but also for a long time on the petition platform openPetition with 328 (petition path now closed) and on paper with 143 signatures. According to information from Michael Bassemir from the Civic Participation Office of the City of Gießen, the petition currently has 557 valid votes after deducting invalid, duplicate or not registered votes in Gießen, whereby the votes on paper in the first examination were not counted. The quorum for the citizens’ application is 836 signatures.

In the citizens’ application drawn up in accordance with the Gießen citizens’ participation statute, the initiators demand that the city of Gießen be obliged to pay the costs and all possible subsidies, including their possible combinations, for the construction of the to determine and publish the proposed tram network.

As one of the co-initiators Finn Becker clarifies, the citizens’ application is much more about receiving a comprehensive cost description, which should take into account the considerable funding opportunities from the federal and state governments, than directly demanding the construction of the desired RegioTram. Below you will find the links of both identical petitions on the respective platforms. For the sake of completeness, I am linking to the now closed petition on openPetition.

Are you interested in signing? It is important to mention that the votes only count if they come from people registered in Giessen.

  1. Citizens’ application on Gieß

  2. Petition on OpenPetition

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