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The only direction: Richtung ➡️ RegioTram 🚊
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There are already concepts for a RegioTram right in the center of the Hessian region – all with the potential to create a completely new, inclusive mobility in the central Hessian area.

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Lahn City Railway

The concept of the Lahn-City-Bahn created by Reinhard Bayer, which is primarily intended to better connect Marburg, Gießen and Wetzlar and the surrounding communities, is based to over 90% on existing rails.

Demand paper traffic turnaround

In their demand paper Verkehrswende in Mittelhessen, activists from the vicinity of the Projektwerkstatt Saasen envisage a dense network of bicycle lanes, a stop to further surface sealing and a policy of short distances, as well as two RegioTram lines.

Back on track 🛤️, next! 🔜 On the rail. ✨♻️

🌩️ In addition, there are some rail reactivation projects in central Hesse that should be pushed. ⚡

Reactivated in a timely manner: the Horloff Valley Railway

Als das am Schnellsten umsetzbare Schienenreaktivierungsreaktivierungsprojekt im mittelhessischen Raum gilt die Horlofftalbahn. Die 2003 stillgelegte Bahnstrecke führte von Hungen über Wölfersheim nach Friedberg. Sie ist noch gut erhalten, eine Reaktivierung daher ziemlich einfach!

Long overdue reactivation: the Lumda Valley Railway

The Lumda Valley Railway should be running again soon. Finally a good rail investment for rural areas? We present the route to be reactivated and the association that has been taking care of the route, which is currently mostly not used, for decades.

Our blog ✍️

💭 Here we periodically publish news and considerations about the RegioTram Mittelhessen. 🤔

That should be a wake up call! Or: wash your head in the car showroom

That should be a wake up call! Or: wash your head in the car showroom

Everyone is talking about the climate and the redistribution of public space in favour of climate-neutral alternatives to the car, only Wetzlar is hosting a huge car show in the middle of the city centre. Just missed is also missed!

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UpSaša, a new wave of sharing images, available for direct download here. #OnTheRail

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900 1600 Christopher Goebel supports #SpeedlimitNow supports #SpeedlimitNow

We as support the e-petition 131775 to the German Bundestag and thus in particular the demand for an immediate implementation of a speed limit (tempo 100/80/30) on Germany’s roads.

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Current events 🎫

Events for the traffic turnaround in central Hesse. 🦜

Danni Protest Kampf Um Die A49

Fight for the A49 – The state as protector & destroyer – film screening and cabaret in Lich

Is opposition to closing the gap in the A 49 between Homberg/Ohm and Stadtallendorf old news? Does the current construction stop of the RP Giessen make the (unprocessed) past present again? In cooperation with Kino Traumstern, künstLich e.V. and the Democracy and Culture Forum Horlofftal, a number of interesting events in Lich will be devoted to this hot topic in the coming weeks.

16. f @ 11:00 - 14:00
Verkehrswendeaktion Wetzlar

Bicycle demo “City for people – living space instead of parking space” in Wetzlar

On Friday, 03.06 the second bicycle demonstration of the action alliance “Verkehrswende & Klimaschutz Wetzlar”, consisting of Greenpeace Wetzlar, attac Lahn-Dill, BI Lebenswerte Altstadt Wetzlar, BUND Herborn as well as the association for sustainable land use will take place this year.

3. f @ 15:00 - 18:00
Traffic Turnaround Day 2022 Giessen Flyer Traffic Turnaround

Big action day for bicycle streets on the inner tracks of the facility ring

On Saturday, May 14th, 2022, there will be another big traffic turnaround day in Giessen. The inner lanes of the plant ring will be completely closed for several hours. Several demos are planned, which will lead to or via the plant ring on the day of the action.

14. f @ 11:00 - 15:00

The #Verkehrswende that’s not televised 📺

💫 How mobility is diversified in Central Hesse – on social media. 💫

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